Shrub & Hedge Trimming

No matter the size of your hedge, we have a solution. With our full service lawn care package you can know that not only will we get up to those tough-to-reach corners and do all the hard work for you, but also make sure everything looks well trimmed when they’re done.

Our Work


Image of customer yard with sprinkler lines torn out


Image of completed sprinkler and landscaping job for idaho customer
overhead drone shot of completed customer yard after sprinkler repair.
A bunch of new sprinkler lines ready to be buried in the ground.
A photo of CDA Landscape founder Randy with sprinkler lines ready to be buried
Founder Randy putting new sprinkler lines into the ground with a shirt that says a company after gods own heart.


We are a company after God’s own heart. We care about our clients and what they are looking for from maintenance to full installs. What is important to them is important to us. 

Mowing and Hedge Trimming Services

Getting your hedges trimmed is a dirty job, and we’ve got the tools to make it even dirtier! With our full service lawn care, you can get up high into those tough-to-reach places. We also use these same tools on lower hedges for shaping them just right so that they look their best. CDA Landscape will be driven to satisfy your trimming needs with professionalism and efficiency every time!
No matter what size of hedge or shrub you need trimmed down to size, if we have anything in common (which would not come as much of a surprise), then this is an area where I am sure nobody wants any issues arising; something which could happen very easily when faced with such dense growths.

Your shrubs and hedges can be looked over a lot of the time. The CDA Landscape team will provide care to them that they need, which could make the difference in how your beautiful green lawn looks. Our hedge and shrub trimming is not only for the look of your lawn, but it also protects against bugs as well as future messes since leaves die towards end branches on these plants; we want you to have full protection through out our service with us. There’s many benefits when having trimmed bushes or hedges:

  • In order to protect your home from flying branches and reduce the risk of injury, it is best practice to prune hedges/shrubs. If these plants are not trimmed properly they can grow out into other areas away from the plant’s root system which leads them more susceptible for wind damage or breakage that will turn loose leaves in unpredictable directions when there is a gust of wind. This also poses risks such as eye gouging due to branches blowing into unprotected eyes.
  • Healthy Plants are a necessity in all landscapes. Making sure the plant is trimmed or pruned and dead areas of the plan aren’t infected can help keep your landscape alive for years to come!

In the summer time, you might not think about your hedges but it’s important to have them trimmed and pruned before they get too big. Pruning incorrectly can cause more damage than anticipated which will lead to a costly end result! CDA Landscape is experienced in this field so let us handle all of these tedious tasks while you focus on other things like spending some time with friends or family during these long days that remind us how hot our summers are typically spent outside.


Company Story

“We all know what it’s like to have a day where we feel trapped by life and work. I remember those days well, but there was one exception: the mornings when I worked on my business in Grandpa’s Cadillac Deville with only a tarp, rake, and hoe for the company. When starting out as an entrepreneur back then you had to rely on your faith that hard work would pay off into something else more substantial-and of course our customers were instrumental in making sure that happened!

The core of what makes CDA Landscape: fair pricing, unrelenting quality of work and focus on customer relationships are all founded in Biblical principles. We stand by our work while aiming for 100% satisfaction at every dig. In any case that you don’t feel satisfied with your experience, we will make it right.

My entire company is dedicated to the only God who created the universe, who also created you. It’s dedication and passion are in providing a service that our customers will never forget. He was thinking about me, about us, when he died on that cross for us all.

Bless you, and know that He is with you too, and that He is good.

Founder – Randy McCabe


We stand by our work and aim for perfection. We are a company that is consistently striving to exceed your expectations in every way, so if you’re not 100% satisfied with anything we do or say, tell us!

What Our Customers are Saying

Randal and Austin were the friendliest people I've ever met. They were cheerful, and finished the work we needed done in one day. Great work ethic, professional and helpful. Thanks :--)
Geri J.
Geri J.
02:57 11 May 21
I picked out my plants on a Wednesday and 2 days later Brandon and Spencer showed up to plant them. Wonderful experience and wonderful company. Randy and crew are truly landscaping angels. I will recommend them to everyone.
Wendi D.
Wendi D.
04:10 06 Apr 21
I have never seen a group of such determined workers install a sprinkler system with such enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge, and fun spirited. They answered all my questions, were concerned about my flowers and lawn, and they sing while they work...not to mention, they were incredibly fast! I would highly highly recommend them!
Charlene B.
Charlene B.
17:15 02 Apr 21
Being new to the area, we didn’t know what to expect. CDA Landscaping did an amazing job cleaning up our new yard! What they did in a short 6 hours would have taken us all summer! They were quick, prompt, and professional. Can’t wait to bring them back for some design work now that we can see below the pine needles! Thank you for doing an amazing job! The pine needles were so thick we couldn’t even see the grass when we purchased this home....what a difference a cleanup can make!
RJ Roseanna J.
RJ Roseanna J.
05:54 30 Mar 21
These guys made it easy and painless. They were here on time. I didnt need to be home. They are very trust worthy. They can communicate in multiple ways. I would recommend these guys over and over!!
Kyle C.
Kyle C.
04:24 07 Oct 20
Randy and Spencer did a great job for us! We appreciate their work ethic and highly recommend this company!
Sheri W.
Sheri W.
02:24 07 Oct 20

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CDA Shrub Hedge Trimming

CDA Landscape is the professional company that helps you take care of your home shrub and hedge trimming. With our help, after a long day at work you will not have to worry about taking care of your yard; we’ll make it so all stress goes away and instead enjoy time with family or pets in their beautiful yard. Our team serves Coeur d’Alene area (Post Falls, Rathdrum), most parts Eastern Washington (Spokane Valley). We want everyone to know they can trust us for high quality services so we show you actual reviews from our customers right here. Feel free to send us a quote or call us at (208) 273-9030